Goldeck Panoramic Road for vintage cars
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Vintage cars on the Goldeck Panoramic Road

Diverse mountain route for vintage car and convertible pleasure drivers

If you’d like to discover the most beautiful alpine roads with your vintage car or convertible, you certainly can’t miss the Goldeck Panoramic Road. The 14.5 km mountain road leads from the village of Zlan, which is located high above the valley plain, up to the Seetal car park below the 2,142 m Goldeck summit. Ten turns and a varied route to the south of the Goldeck ensure a smooth driving experience. With a gradient of only 10%, the Goldeck Panoramic Road is also genuine fun with pre-wars and motorised vintage cars with less horsepower. Our tip: combine a drive on the Goldeck Road with a trip to the Villach Alpine Road leading onto the Dobratsch!
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