Goldeck Panoramic Road for families with children

Family and children

Families with children on the Goldeck

Daytrip on the Goldeck Panoramic Road and with the Goldeck Mountain Railways

If you’re going on a family excursion in the region around Lake Millstatt and Weissensee, there’s always the option to go on a daytrip to the Goldeck. The intriguing combination of lakes and mountains even encourages your kids to explore. Furthermore, hiking on the Goldeck adventure mountain is everything but boring. But first things first. Allow us first of all to introduce you to the driving experience on the Goldeck Panoramic Road before giving you a few pointers on how to spend your family leisure time with the Goldeck Mountain Railways. We’ll say this much: young mountaineers and hard-to-motivate teens alike will experience guaranteed mountain adventures. Mountain experiences by car on the winding alpine road can be enjoyed from early/mid-May to mid-/late October. Have fun!
Family with dog